Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Day

The County planner sent our group this email regarding the new house to be built near Schwan Lake, close to the end of Dolores Street. Smack dab in the riparian oak woodland.

Lezanne Jeffs writes:

re: APN 027-082-11 Supervisory District One ; Application number 131041

I am e-mailing you to let you know that application 131041 for a Time Extension to Coastal Development Permit, Variance and Riparian Exception 04-0310, as amended by Minor Variation and Time Extension 121022 has was approved today.  If you would like to Appeal this decision you may do so, in writing, before 5:00pm on Wednesday May 15, 2013.

No changes to the already approved design of the house or driveway were approved with this Time Extension.  However, additional conditions of approval have been included to ensure protection of all trees alongside the proposed driveway during construction.  The information concerning this decision should be posted on the Planning Department website shortly.  If you would like to review the staff report and conditions of approval please contact me and I will make these available to you through the records room.


Lezanne Jeffs
Planner III, Development Review
(831) 454 2480

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