Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hmmm - How can we minimize the environmental impact of yet another new McMansion in our midst?

Please click image to enlarge. Salient points:  Before 28 March, you may contact the planner, Lezanne Jeffs at the County Planning Dept, 701 Ocean Street, 4th Floor, Santa Cruz, 95060. (Her tel is 831-454-2480.)  County Supervisorial District Number One. Supervisor John Leopold is the Head Honcho for the neighborhoods near Schwan Lake.


  1. This case is similar, no?

  2. Our community now has until April 10th to submit written comments to Santa Cruz county. We can do this via a group letter, and/or submit a blizzard of individual comments. It is better speak out now, than to gripe later - when things are harder to repair.