Monday, March 18, 2013

Shimmering Schwan Lagoon, A Pastel by Judy Miller

Tranquil waters can be very inspiring - and a hat tip to artist Judy Miller for this image of our favorite backwater.  But where are the birds?  You can find out more about the artist on this link:

According to old maps, on file on the Museum of Art and History website

M. Leonard owned 115 acres (0.5 km²) east of Woods Lagoon- The Yacht Harbor and Arena Gulch to Schwan Lagoon- the twin lakes area.

Schwan owned 72 Acres from Schwan Lagoon to near Blacks Point. He built the Inn in 1892. Helped develop Twin Lakes trolley station. Property landscaped by N.A. Beckwith with naturalistic landscape including Eucalyptus.

Henry Johans owned 85 Acres Blacks Point, Sunny Cove to about 17th Ave.

Corcoran owned 183 Acres of land west of Rodeo Gulch, from the Sea to Santa Maria, along the SCRR (Santa Cruz Rail Road) above the Schwan's and the Johan's lands, to upper Schwan Lake, the state park area by the Simpkin swim center of 17th Ave.

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